Privacy Tricks for your Back Yard

If you feel you are a sitting duck in your back yard and are looking for ways to add more privacy here are a few tricks you can use to keep things a little less open.

Planters and containers are an affordable way to create a natural looking enclosure where you can sit and relax. Look for taller styles as well as plants that will offer height. You can create a wall with them that will be pretty to look at from both inside the garden and for those overlooking your yard which means nosy neighbors will be less likely to complain about an obstruction.

Retractable Awnings
The beauty of retractable awnings is that they can be used when you need them and retracted when you don’t. If you feel people can see you when you are out enjoying a meal or reading a book, an awning can provide much needed privacy as well as sweet, cooling shade. You can use the awning when you need it or sit in the sun when you feel less exposed. Suffolk County awnings work well for both those overlooking your yard from above and even from the side depending on the size you choose.

Outdoor Fabric
There are so many outdoor fabrics available on the market that you can add to decks, gazebos and pergolas. You can pull them across when you want privacy and leave them open as you like. You can also consider hanging a darker, denser mosquito netting as these can provide privacy while keeping out the annoying bugs.

Privacy Lattice
Privacy lattice can provide privacy as well and can be added to deck railings with little effort. Be careful you aren’t breaking any zoning laws as some neighborhoods have rules about how high structures can be.

Fabric Gazebos
Garden and home improvement centres carry many sizes and shapes of fabric gazebos and tents that can also provide privacy. They are easy to install and can be taken down in the winter. They are made of different styles of frames and also come with mosquito netting to provide protection from those pesky bugs. They are ideal for dining outside and can be placed on lawns, poolside or on decks as long as they are well anchored in case of wind.

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