Professional Teeth Whitening by Your Dentist in Cologne

Are you among those who want to enhance their current smile with the aid of a dentist? You’ve heard from your friends the pros and cons to using an over the counter whitening kit and have decided to schedule an appointment with your dentist to just go for it. What is more attractive then a brilliant smile free of stains and discoloration? A dentist in Cologne shares their knowledge on how professional grade tooth whitening agents are more concentrated and achieve much whiter results. With the use of customized whitening trays found at your dentist office, you can rest assured that the agent will be consistently applied while minimizing any kind of sensitivity along the way.

The first thing you will need to take into consideration is the current health of your teeth. Whitening cannot be performed on teeth that are decayed, broken, loose, or with periodontal disease. Whitening is not effective on tooth colored fillings, bridges, dentures or crowns. For individuals with these considerations it is suggested to work with your dentist to devise a plan that will allow you to improve the condition of your teeth and find alternatives to bleaching.

The largest benefit to having your whitening procedure completed in the dentist office is that your session will be monitored from start to finish by an expert. This ensures your safety and the effectiveness of the product. During the procedure the product will be applied more consistently by a medical professional who is completely familiar with teeth and their individual needs. Utilizing a medical professional’s familiarity with the process reduces the tingling and burning that one may experience from accidentally overfilling the trays. Also, the process only requires one visit to the dentist to accomplish your goals.

For those that opt to use the dentist’s whitening kit in the privacy of their own home they will still receive the same professional grade whitening gel with customized trays. However, the home treatment requires using the trays every night for several weeks. This is ideal for those individuals that prefer to have their results appear gradually over several weeks. It is exciting to see your new smile light up your entire face.

The whitening process will not negatively affect your tooth structure, bonding or restorations. However, your dentist in Cologne may advise you to consider that your teeth may become more sensitive as a result of the whitening process. All methods of whitening require using a bleach formula that is applied to your teeth and gums. These are powerful agents that require careful use to reduce any discomfort from accidental misuse through application. Dental sensitivity depends on each individual and their genetics, bleach stability and acidic reaction to the product. Simply put, teeth color and sensitivity is derived from genetics.

Your dentist can discuss with you options to reduce the sensitivity with products such as a desensitizing, fluoride, potassium nitrate or amorphous calcium phosphate. Each of these work to desensitizing your teeth and to reduce the level of discomfort by provide a numbing agent. Your dentist may also determine if it is best to administer a treatment for desensitizing before and after your procedure. At home treatments for desensitizing include the use of over counter pain relievers.

A whiter smile can assist with your confidence and leave a positive impression on those you encounter. Whatever your decision might be, a nice smile brings happiness to all.

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