Protect your pet with Dog Vaccinations in Tucson AZ

Dogs are loving members of our family that need our help to keep them healthy. Cities have different laws with regard to vaccination, but regardless of what the law requires, it’s important to have up to date Dog Vaccinations in Tucson AZ for the health of your pet.

DHPCC is a vaccine that protects against distemper, hepatitis, parovirus, parainfluenza, and coronavirus. These viruses can prove deadly for your pets. Distemper is spread through the air or physical contact with the virus, such as from another animal or infected bedding, with no known cure. Young, non-vaccinated puppies and non-immunized older dogs tend to be the most common pets infected. Hepatitis is swelling of the liver, which filters toxins in your pet’s body. It is responsible for metabolism, detoxification,energy storage, digestion, and blood protein synthesis. A dog’s liver can compensate for a long time and won’t show signs and symptoms of being ill until the very late stages of the disease. Parovirus is a serious virus that replicates quickly through the GI tract. It is most common in puppies aged 6-20 weeks. Most often, it results in hospitalization and intensive veterinary treatment to correct dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Parainfluenza is a respiratory virus similar that causes kennel cough. Any dog that is in close proximity to other dogs, such as at boarding kennels, groomers, doggie daycare, or dog parks should be vaccinated. While parainfluenza usually isn’t deadly, it puts your dog at risk for other illnesses such as pneumonia due to their weakened immune system. Coronavirus causes relatively mild GI symptoms, but can be accompanied by parovirus, which can lead to death. Bordatella is another virus that causes kennel cough, and this vaccine is offered separately from the DHPCC vaccine.

Rabies is considered endemic in Arizona, and pet owners are required by law to have their dogs vaccinated. Rabies is a deadly neurological disease. If your dog gets bitten by an infected animal, the virus embeds itself in the local nerve and travels up that nerve ending to the central nervous system. The virus continues to infect the nervous system until it reaches the brain. Annual rabies vaccines prevent your dog from becoming infected if they are attacked by a stray animal.

Dog Vaccinations in Tucson AZ are readily available, and if you browse around here you will find veterinary clinics that offer packages including all vaccinations to get your pet started on a healthy track.

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