Reasons To Consider A Portable Trade Show Booth

Tradeshows are a busy and crazy event, with hundreds of companies there to compete for the attention of visitors. Therefore, you have to be able and willing to attract the most attention to your portable trade show booth, enabling you to have more sales. However, in order to attract visitor’s attention, you have to promote your offerings successfully and much more. To do this, large and colorful displays should be considered, but they must also look interesting, fresh and professional.

While you can always create your displays by using construction materials and doing it yourself, they are cumbersome and expensive to build, transport, set up and tear down. Instead, moveable booths may be a better option.

Style Variety

The options available are almost endless because you have different fabrics and other backdrops. The fabric itself can be textured, soft, colorful or all three and you can use different materials for each part of the display. Backdrops can include counters, literature racks, stands, exhibits, signs, panels, and banners, among others. Therefore, you’ll always have a large variety to make your area stand apart from others.

Custom Graphics

Most logos or brand messages are intricate, which is difficult to recreate using paint. However, buying a customized portable trade show booth will allow you to have a professional print the message or design onto the fabric, which will grab attention and increase your visibility. You can also have these graphics printed in various spots on the display, such as on the front, side, back, and top.


Because they are usually compact and lightweight, they are easy to transport from your company to the tradeshow and back. In most cases, the display is packed in a carrying case, and you set it up when you arrive. If yours didn’t come with a case, you could always purchase cases to help make the transport even easier.

Quick To Setup

In most cases, these displays are engineered with pop-up, unfolding and telescoping features, making is extremely easy to set up. In most cases, you won’t even need tools though some may require a screwdriver or another small tool for setup and tear down.


Because they are made of lightweight materials and are compact for traveling, they are usually available for almost any budget. This means you can save money and get what you need.

A portable trade show booth offers style, customization, quick setup and much more. Visit Exhibit Wholesale today to find out what they offer and decide what you need for your next tradeshow.

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