Rental Property Management for Investment Owners

Whether you own a single-family home or a large apartment complex, you likely understand the importance of interior and exterior maintenance and how it benefits you, your tenants, and cash-flow.  However, it may be difficult for you to find the time to keep the property clean, perform upgrades, and make sure all appliances and fixtures are working properly for your tenants.  Landlords, who do not have the ability to effectively manage their properties due to lack of time or interest, normally hire managers who are familiar with rental property management.  Dallas professionals will expertly complete all tasks associated with being a landlord in your stead.

Exterior Care
Keeping the outside of a home or apartment building looking presentable is just as important as keeping the inside in working order.  Property managers often employ contractors, handymen, and fellow company employees for the purpose of making exterior upgrades.  Generally, managers will see to it that any trash around the premises is routinely picked up.  Leaves are raked up to keep the area neat and tidy, while imposing snow and ice are removed for the safety of the tenants.  Landscaping is also one of the services provided by rental property management Dallas companies, as it adds to the overall property value.  Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, gardening, and more boosts the property’s appeal and helps to fill vacancies more quickly.

Thorough Inspections
Routine inspections are also carried out by the property manager and usually are on a schedule.  Before a tenant officially moves in, a manager will inspect the unit with them and make sure everything is fully functional and to their liking.  Because many renters will remain on a property for sometimes decades, managers will also make sure inspections are carried out during their occupancy as well.  After a tenant moves out, another inspection will be made to assess any damage, determine how much of the security deposit you will receive, and what repairs should be made.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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