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With the season changing, it is time for a seasonal inspection of your home as well as routine maintenance to ensure proper upkeep. One area of the home that homeowners most often overlook is the roof. The roof is part of the foundation of the home. Whenever you have to rebuild a founding component of a property, you are facing large payouts. Maintaining the roofing of your commercial or residential property is essential. Total Remodel Contractor is proud to assist property owners in maintaining, repairing, and installing Roofing Greeley CO.


Outside unexpected storm damage, a newly installed roof can hold up for approximately twenty years with normal wear and tear. During this time, infrequent repair may be needed to restore areas damaged due minor storm or wind occurrences. The trick to avoiding costly roof replacements, before their time, is to remain vigilant on the condition of your roof. This can be performed by having visual inspections done by a roofing professional over the expected life of the roof.

Your gutters are a roofing component and should be inspected and maintained with the same diligence. In addition to roofing needs, Total Remodel Contractor can assist with ensuring that your gutters are clear of leaves and debris.


Ensure that your roof is as strong as your business foundation. If you are the property owner, utilize contractors to check the durability and current state of your roof. Arranging roof inspections of your commercial property saves costly business expenses. These expenses arise when major damage results in a partial or full replacement of the roof. These expenses can be further increased by liability claims should your tenants or their customers face damage due to neglecting the condition of the property and not maintaining a safe environment. As the owner, or the assigned property manager of the facility, you should schedule routine roofing inspections to quickly resolve minor damage and to ensure a safe and secure building.

One way to avoid staggering repair costs is to maintain the proper insurance for your home and/or business. When filing a claim, do no get overwhelmed with the insurance process or buried in the forms. Total Remodel Contractor specializes in insurance claims for Roofing Greeley CO.

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