Signs a Home Needs Water Heater Repair in Atlanta, GA

Water heaters provide a valuable service in keeping a home supplied with hot water whenever it is needed. This is the one plumbing fixture in a home that is most often overlooked until something begins to go wrong. Being able to recognize the signs of problems with a water heater will allow a homeowner to know when they need to call for Water Heater Repair Atlanta, GA. Continuing to operate a system when it is in need of repair can end up causing the need for a full tank replacement.

Common warning signs of problems with hot water tanks include:

  • Unusual banging and clanging sounds may occur as a tank has corrosive build-up that breaks off and begins to move when the water is heated in the tank. In most cases, this means a new water heater needs to be installed.
  • A lack of hot water is a sure sign there are problems with the water heater. This may be a subtle sign at first, with the hot water supply seeming to run out faster than normal or the water not reaching the usual degree a person is used to. This may be a simple need for Water Heater Repair Atlanta, GA. Heating elements and pilot light concerns can be easily repaired.
  • If the hot water coming out of the faucets is a rusty red color, this means the inner lining of the tank has corroded. As the lining is broken down, massive amounts of rust build up inside the tank. When this occurs, a homeowner needs to call for Water Heater Repair Atlanta, GA. A repair technician can help a homeowner in determining whether the tank can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Visit to know more about water heater repair.
  • Leaks should never be ignored. Not only can they cause damage, they can also be a source of electrical shock with tanks that are powered by electricity. When leaks are occurring, the homeowner needs to shut off power to the tank and call for repairs right away.

Homeowners who are experiencing these signs need to call GoRapid Inc. They can professionally handle your water heating nightmares so your tank works as it should and supplies your home with a consistent hot water supply.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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