Signs That It’s Time for Tire Service in Saltillo MS

Most people take their tires for granted, but the results of such complacency can be disastrous. According to NHTSA, tire failures are responsible for over 11,000 car accidents each year. Drivers should inspect their tires at least once per month, and they should look for the following signs of the need for tire service in Saltillo MS.

Gouges, Bulges and Cracks

When tires lose their air pressure, they bulge at the sides. The experts say that this indicates a slow leak or low air pressure. If there are bulges, gouges or sidewall cracks, take the vehicle in for a tire inspection.

Tread Wear

The penny test is a good way to determine when it’s time to replace a car’s tires. Put a penny into the tire tread, with Lincoln’s head pointed down. If the top of the head is still visible, it’s time for new tires. Most of today’s tires have wear bars, which make it easier to keep an eye on tread wear.

Tire Pressure

Car tires lose about a pound of air per month. While this may not seem like much, it’s still important to check the tires’ air pressure on a regular basis.

Temperature Shifts

Tire pressure can drop with extreme cold. However, excessive heat can cause problems as well. If someone takes a road trip on worn, under-inflated tires, they will generate additional heat and wear out faster. That’s why it’s important to check the tire pressure regularly, in all seasons.


Watch for thumping or vibration during driving. If it seems as if it’s originating under the seat, the rear tires can be unbalanced. Vibration from the wheel may indicate suspension problems. Anything less than a quiet, smooth ride means that the driver should take the car in for tire service in Saltillo MS as soon as possible.

Tires can provide tens of thousands of miles of reliable service, but they still need regular maintenance and occasional replacement. New tires can greatly improve a vehicle’s handling, ride quality and fuel economy, among other things. When it’s time for new tires, browse our website or call to schedule service.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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