Signs That the Time Has Come for a Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi

The foundation of a home provides a valuable service. Without it, the framework of the home would not remain stable. Over time, the house would weaken to the point that being able to live in the dwelling would be impossible. For homeowners who want to make sure their houses remain on stable footing, here are some of the more common signs that the time has come for Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi.

Molding Works Loose

Take a look at the molding around the door and window frames, Is it beginning to shift or buckle a little? That means the walls are starting to move out of line. Chances are the problem is that the foundation is weakening or at least no longer as level as it was in times past. To prevent things from getting worse, it pays to call a contractor and look into the possibility of needing a Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi.

Cracks in the Walls

If the walls are cracking, that is a sure sign that something has changed in the foundation. Some settling over the years can be expected, but settling does not always result in cracks. If they seem to appear in a short period of time and keep growing, odds are that one or more sections of the foundation need some help.

Sloping Ceilings and Floors

As the walls shift, the impact on the floors and ceilings will be noticeable. Typically, what was once a perfectly level floor will now slop or lean in one direction. Since things will only get worse as the foundation continues to weaken, it makes sense to have a contractor take a look immediately. Doing so will stop the problem in its tracks and make it possible to address the repairs needed to make the floor level once again.

For any owner who thinks there might be a problem with a home foundation, call the team at Ewing and Ray Foundation Services Inc.. They can inspect the foundation and identify any structural issues with ease. If there is a problem, they can provide solutions and ensure the home is once again stable.

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