Small Business Strategy Consulting With Anne Alexander

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Business

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Despite being an expert in your field or providing the best product around, there are still great risks for every small business. Failure rates for start-up small business are estimated to be between 50-70 percent. Most of these will occur within 18 months of the business opening its doors.

The reasons for failure can be many. Economic downturns, ineffective advertising, low visibility for business location and more. One of the most frequent problems is often cash flow issues at start-up as well as an inability to find the assistance needed, through qualified management and staff, for running the business.

If you are experiencing some of these issues with your own small business, you need to find help before it is too late. Small Business Strategy Consulting at Authentic Alternatives is something which can help you put everything in perspective and get the organization and help you need.

A small business consultant is often able to see something which may be difficult for you, which is seeing your business objectively. They are able step back and find out where you are losing money, what your weaknesses are and where improvements must be made.

Anne Alexander is a business consultant who can help in these circumstances. She is a Sustainable Business Adviser with 25 years in the small business world. She has a full resume of experience from production worker to successful business owner. She has seen each phase of the small business environment from many angles and from many different types of industries.

As a small business consultant she has worked with hundreds of businesses around the world in every business sector. She understands what it takes to keep them operating smoothly as well as what the common kinks are that trip up many business owners. She is able to work directly with the owner of each company to help them understand their options and make sustainable changes in their management and operations.

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