Red Mountain Carpet and Tile: Cleaning Tips For Carpet Tiles

When most people hear the name Red Mountain Carpet and Tile, they instantly know they are dealing with a flooring installation company. They are usually going to assume that they have the option of considering a tile or carpet floor as the name of the company suggestions. Fortunately, Red Mountain Carpet and Tile has a pretty wide range of flooring to choose from if you are not into carpet or tile.

Choosing the type of flooring that you want installed is not the only responsibility of a homeowner. You also have to know how to care for the flooring you are having installed as well. For example, say you have decided you want carpet tiles installed in your home. You are going to need to know how to clean them. Fortunately, the process is not that different from cleaning regular one piece carpet flooring.

Attack The Stain As Soon As Possible

As soon as you spill something, you need to do what you can to clean it up. The most time a stain has to soak into the carpet the greater the chance of it becoming a permanent stain is.

Scooping And Blotting

Your instinct is going to be to reach down and scrub the stuffing out of that stain. However, you need to resist that urge as it will only make the stain bigger and help it settle into the carpet better. You need to carefully scoop as much dirt and debris from the stain as you can. Then you need to sit a dry towel on top of the stain and carefully press down on it. Your goal is to soak up as much of what you spilled as possible.

Any flooring company is going to tell you that vinegar and water will do wonders as a cleaning agent. Just mix half a cup of vinegar with some warm water and put it into the stain. Allow it time to soak and then gently blot it up. You can repeat the process as needed. You can eventually get to scrubbing the stain as well. Just make sure you use baking soda.

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