Smart Investment For A Small Price

Every home should have a warning system. It’s important to install one. It could save your life and that of your loved ones plus your property. There is a saying that states, ‘forewarned is forearmed,’ and that’s equally true where alarms are concerned. It gives you a warning before a fire breaks out. Fire alarm companies in Hertfordshire are cheap but they can save property and lives. £5 to £10 to buy one is a smart investment for a small price.

Annually, the Fire and Rescue service attend over half a million fires; hundreds of peoples die in these fires and over 15 000 people are injured. Over a hundred fires occur daily in homes; the majority wouldn’t have occurred if there was a system in place to warn the occupants. We think it could never happen to us but statistics prove otherwise. A fire alarm is twice as likely to save you if a fire breaks out in your home.

The Fire and Rescue service have a free service to visit you at home and offer advice to make your premises safe and the best place to fit your system for maximum protection. If you’re a landlord/ lady, it’s worth taking advantage of this service to ensure your property is safe; you might be liable to prosecution for failure to install a warning system.

Below is sound advice about choosing warning systems and installing them.

  • Alarms should be located in areas where they are audible every time from all over the home.
  • In one storey properties, they should be installed between the bedroom and living area.
  • They should be installed at the foot of the stairs and one at each landing in houses with more than one storey.
  • The system should be installed on the ceiling towards the centre of the room, landing or the hall. They shouldn’t be too close to the wall or light fixtures.
  • They should be easily accessible so that they can be tested on a weekly
  • basis. They shouldn’t sit above the stairs.
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when fitting the system and changing the batteries.
  • They should follow the British Standard and have the LPCB or Kitemark logo.
  • Call the experts to install your system to ensure it is done correctly. is a specialist installer of warning systems as set out in the council’s specifications. Visit them online for more details.


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