Some Causes of the Need for Chimney Repair in Essex County NJ

Sometimes homeowners believe they have a roof leak when what the house really has is a chimney leak. If the water appearing on the ceiling or walls is anywhere in the vicinity of the chimney, that feature should be considered a distinct possibility as the cause. Especially if the leak is around a fireplace, it’s an almost sure bet that the chimney is the problem. Chimney Repair in Essex County NJ is performed by qualified contractors.

Another cause could be damage to the chimney cap. The household residents will see water leaking directly into the fireplace. This device should be repaired or replaced promptly, as the damage may allow more serious issues to occur. Birds or squirrels might build a nest inside, for instance. Leaves might blow inside. These are distinct fire hazards once the fireplace is lit.

Annual Chimney Inspection

Someone in the household should check the chimney once each year for issues like cracks in the structure, or loose or missing flashing. This might be done during a routine rain gutter cleaning. If nobody there feels comfortable about getting on the roof, the property owner can find a friend or relative to do this favor.

Another option would be to hire a roofer for an affordable fee. This can be a good idea, as the worker would do other tasks in addition to checking the masonry and flashing. The roofer would sweep leaves, seeds, and evergreen needles and cones from the valleys. Moss would be removed. The roofer would also inspect the entire roof for any possible excess wear or missing shingles. If any small cracks have developed in the masonry, Chimney Repair in Essex County NJ can be completed with masonry caulk.

Post-Repair Cleanup

After the chimney has been fixed by a contractor like Construction and the leak is no longer present, it’s time to take care of any necessary cleanup. Mold can easily start to grow before anyone in the household ever notices that the ceiling or walls were getting wet, since the leak might occur in a corner closet or the attic. Moldy insulation should be replaced.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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