Some Options in Wheelchairs in New London CT

When you think of Wheelchairs in New London CT, you probably imagine the old fashioned giant chairs that are a bit hard to navigate with. In fact, some of the old fashioned wheelchairs could be hard to deal with even if someone was available to push the chair. Today, wheelchairs are really evolving and becoming just as advanced as the times.

One of the most popular types of Wheelchairs in New London CT is the electric wheelchair. The main advantage of this type of wheelchair is the ease of use. A simple control mechanism is built into the arm of the wheelchair. Even people who may be physically disabled are often able to operate the wheelchair using the simple thumb controller. Electric wheelchairs are usually much faster than a standard wheelchair. In fact, an electric wheelchair may easily rival the speed of a scooter. However, an electric wheelchair is usually preferable to a scooter because it provides a larger and more stable area to sit in.

Another popular option in wheelchairs, today are the high-backed wheelchairs. These chairs extend the back area up to the head for the purpose of added stability. Patients who have trouble with posture, for example, people with Parkinson’s disease, may benefit from chairs of this type. Additionally, these high-backed wheelchairs are often equipped with lap belts that can help the patient stay in their chair if they lose motor control.

For people who frequently travel , an ultra slim wheelchair may be a good option. These chairs are typically much more narrow than the traditional wheelchair, and they also tend to be much lighter. Therefore, the ultra slim wheelchairs are easy to transfer in and out of vehicles. An ultra slim wheelchair may be a good choice for a supplemental wheelchair. For example, you might want to keep it in your vehicle while you keep your standard or electric wheelchair in your home. Wheelchair cost can vary widely depending upon both the type of chair and the options that you choose. You can get extras like cup holders added to the wheelchair to help make your life even easier!

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