Stay Cool This Summer With Air Conditioning Repair in Manassas VA

During the dog days of summer, it can take a lot of efforts to cool your home. In most instances, the home air is treated using an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This is a complex mechanical device that can break down from extended use. One of the best ways to avoid Air conditioning repair in Manassas VA is to have your HVAC serviced regularly. In most cases, your air conditioner should be cleaned and serviced in the early spring before it gets heavily used.

Air conditioning service is a matter of testing the various circuits and switches, cleaning away any debris inside the system and verifying the level of refrigerant in the unit. The latter is important because the refrigerant carries the lubrication that is used by the condenser. This keeps the compression system from overheating as it condenses the refrigerant before passing it to the evaporator coil. Cleaning is also critical. The evaporator coil is located inside the air exchange. As air is forced through the coil any dust in it will mix with moisture and cake onto the coil. Over time, this can result in blockages that reduce the effectiveness of the system. The technician can remove the coil and clean it in an acid bath. This eliminates any gunk on the coil and makes it function like a new one.

Eventually, your AC will break. This can happen when the condenser overheats, a coil ruptures or the electronics fail. Every system is a little different. That is; each unit can break down for different reasons. For example, your AC could accumulate a lot of dirt around the evaporator coil and freeze over. This could rupture the coil and allow the refrigerant to leak out. The end result is the sudden need for Air conditioning repair in Manassas VA. Another common source of failure is the thermostat. Older mechanical thermostats become unreliable as the switches corrode. Internal contact points can get damaged and fail to turn the system on or off. A company like Woody’s Sudden Service Manassas VA can help by replacing the thermostat with an electronic model. Not only will this get your system working again, but it could also make it more efficient.

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