Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research in Las Vegas, NV has overcome many barriers in recent years. The media have played their part in providing misleading information about stem cell research to the public. This confusion has created a fundamental misunderstanding and unnecessary controversy. Furthermore, the lies that have spread has prevented federal funding for research that holds great potential for treatments for illnesses and aging-related issues.

The World Journal of Stem Cells released a study in January of 2017 in which scientist revealed that stem cells have the possibility to rejuvenate cells at the cellular, tissue and organism levels. They suggest that the rejuvenation of tissue stem cells plays an important role in age-related issues.

Rejuvenating cells is the process of replacing, renewing, or re-engineering cells, tissues, and organs. The rejuvenation of these cells will help restore function and balance to the body. This process requires the use of stem cells, which everyone possesses.

Rejuvenation therapies are at the forefront of stem-cell research in the field of anti-aging. This type of research uses advanced cellular therapy to replace damaged or dying cells, which can accelerate the aging process. These stem cell therapies rely on isolated healthy cells to multiply outside the body. They are then injected into the body to supply the body with a healthy source of new cell growth.

This type of stem cell treatments is designed to reduce and slow visible signs of aging. Today, many patients seek this treatment to repair skin damage caused by aging, to improve joint functionality caused by degeneration, to repair bone fractures, to alleviate inflammation which causes arthritis, and to help improve symptoms from cardiovascular disease.

Stem cell research in Las Vegas, NV can provide these treatments using a simple, non-surgical injection. This is a minimally invasive procedure which requires no recovery time.

Stem cell research holds great promise for treating many medical conditions.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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