Substances That You Can Wash Away Easily with the Right Industrial Machines

As a business owner, you are liable for the condition of your property. You have to keep it clean and free from residue and debris that could cause accidents.

However, you do not have the time or resources to clean away spills by hand. You can simplify the job by investing in the right kind of equipment like hotsy parts in Chicago that are designed to clean dozens of different types of substances on your property.

Oil and Grease

Oil and grease are two of the most difficult substances to wash away. Once they get on the ground, they attach themselves to the surface and leave a slick residue that is dangerous on which to walk or drive.

Furthermore, it can take more manpower than you can afford to scrub them away. You could spend hours with a bucket of soap and water cleaning just the surface of the spill.

With gear like hotsy parts in Chicago, however, you can attack the residue with more force. The machines that you can buy are built to blast away at tough spills including grease and oil. The machines also come with the right cleaning agents for the job.


During the depths of winter, ice can quickly form on your property. If you leave it in place, you can invite accidents that leave you liable for medical and repair bills.

However, you can blast away the ice with an ice blasting machine from hosty. The blaster dislodges the ice and removes it from the surface of the property. You are left with a surface that is dry and safe to walk on.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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