Taking Assertive Legal Action for Damages Against Your Former Employer

During your career, you knew that you incurred a certain amount of risk to your health while working around certain chemicals or in certain kinds of conditions. However, by law, your employer had the legal responsibility to keep you reasonably safe and to do everything in its power to prevent you from getting sick or injured.

When you have been diagnosed with a form of cancer that can be directly linked to your employment, you have the right under federal and state law to take legal action against your employer. By hiring an experienced kidney cancer lawyer in Chicago, you can pursue the best course of action in court and pursue compensation that you are entitled to under the laws where you live.

Proving Culpability

The kidney cancer lawyer in Chicago that you hire will take on the burden of proving the culpability of your employer. He or she can gather a wealth of evidence ranging from work records, medical reports, and witness testimonies that testify to the conditions that you worked in for years. This evidence can prove to the court that your employer purposely put you in conditions that could cause you to develop kidney cancer later in life.

Settling Out of Court

Once the culpability of your employer is established in court, the company could approach you about settling out of court. It will not want the negative publicity that comes from a trial where everyone in public will learn of its actions against you.

Your lawyer will make sure the settlement that is offered to you not only pays for your current expenses and suffering but will also pay for your expenses and punitive damages in the future as well.

You can find out more about filing a suit against your employer online. Contact Diesel Injury Law today.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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