Taking Paramedic Courses in Illinois

One of the last steps in officially becoming a licensed and certified paramedic is taking paramedic courses in Illinois.¬† A paramedic is a medical emergency technician that is generally one of the first people to arrive to the scene of an accident, a fire, or a number of other medical emergency situations. The responsibility of a paramedic is to stabilize the person (or people) experiencing a medical emergency, provide first aid, and transport them to a nearby hospital. Obviously, a paramedic is a medical professional who needs to be cable of quick thinking and fast actions in highly stressful situations. There are going to be a number of different instances in a paramedic’s career where they can literally make a difference between whether a person lives or dies.

Becoming a paramedic is actually a two-step process. This is because before you can be a paramedic, you have to be a basic emergency medical technician (EMT). After you have finished taking all of the necessary paramedic courses in Illinois, you will have to take and pass an examination in order for you to become a registered EMT. Then, you have to work for at least a year under the job title of a basic EMT before you can begin training as an EMT paramedic.

An additional year or two of training and education will be necessary before you can become a licensed paramedic. Once you have completed the training program and courses you will have to pass the National Registry Exam for Paramedics in order to become a licensed paramedic. After you have passed this examination you will be ready to start applying for jobs as a paramedic.

Keep in mind, a paramedic license only remains active for approximately two years. This is to ensure that paramedics continue their education in order to stay on top of all of the latest advancements in medical technology. Every two years it is suggested that you take paramedic courses as well as any training programs currently being offered to licensed paramedics in order to successfully renew your paramedic license. Residents in and around the state of Illinois may choose Sandburg as their college of choice in pursuing a paramedic degree in Illinois. Sandburg College offers a wide variety of paramedic and medical courses for individuals who are studying to be a paramedic or those who need a refresher course.

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