Tasting Your Way Along The Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail

If you are truly a wine aficionado, you know that the world of wine is always evolving. You understand that there is more to wine than those you find among the old and established wine producers in the Old World. You are willing to branch out and make a statement that the wines of such little known states as Michigan – yes Michigan, are among the finest in the world. You will also put your money where your taste buds are by visiting where the vines grow and the good wine flows along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail.

Where Is the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail?

The Leelanau Peninsula is located in Northern Michigan. It lies between two bodies of water: Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay. The region has always been famous for its high freshwater sand dunes, particularly the renowned Sleeping Bear Dunes. Its closeness to Traverse City also means many who come to the area are familiar with its beaches and water sports. They hike in the hills and swim in the lakes. Yet, in growing numbers, people re also coming to follow the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail.

The Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail
For those who are aware of such terms as flavor and bouquet; for those who know the difference between a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir, the wineries found as part of the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail are a perfect place to enjoy a hot summer day or cool fall evening. For those who want to learn or expand their slight knowledge, visiting even a few of the around 28 wineries is the perfect way to introduce yourself to a variety of fine wines that are also closer to home.

It is, indeed, a perfect way to combine the love of and interest in wine with a scenic vacation. Take part in a tasting at one of the smaller breweries – L. Mawby Vineyards or drop in at the much larger Leelanau Cellars. You can find these and so many other breweries, including Aurora Cellars and Willow Vineyard, serving a variety of wines as part of your journey along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail.

Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail

Next time you head to Michigan, plan a side trip to the wineries near Traverse City. Arrange for a private or sign up with a group tour to follow the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail. Combine your love of wine with a vacation where the scenery if magnificent and the food outstanding. Visit Northern Michigan and simply follow the oenophiles as they make their way with flare along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail.

If you are interested in discovering why so many people are travelling along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail, why not get in touch with the agents for Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours. They are there to help you have a great time. Whether you want to go solo or be part of a group, they can arrange it for you. To discover how they can help you plan you discover the wines of northern Michigan, visit them online at http://wineandbeertours.com/.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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