Teeth Whitening in Amarillo, Texas and Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Unlike traditional dentistry that is mainly concerned with treatment, diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases, cosmetic surgery is concerned with making your teeth and gums beautiful. What better way of investing in yourself than improving your smile? Cosmetic dentistry will not only help improve the appearance of your smile, but it will also help you improve your self-confidence. However, before visiting the dentist it is important to know which cosmetic dental procedure will work for you. The following are some of the different cosmetic dentistry procedures available.


This dental procedure involves replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth. This is a long term solution since the teeth are inserted surgically.

Teeth whitening

This is also referred to as teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening in Amarillo, Texas involves removing any stains from your teeth. Teeth whitening in Amarillo, Texas is done using special chemicals.


This is procedure involves replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth.

Dental bonding

This is a procedure that is aimed at improving broken, stained, chipped and cracked teeth. This involves the use of an enamel like chemical that can remold the shape of your teeth. The tooth surface is then hardened using laser light.

Dental braces

Braces are commonly used on children to help correct jaw disorders. The braces apply pressure to the teeth, making sure they are properly aligned.

Dental bridges

This is a procedure that closes gaps between teeth. Dental bridges can last up to 15 years if proper oral hygiene is maintained.


This is a procedure that involves filling decayed teeth. However, unlike direct fillings, inlays and onlays are created in a dental laboratory before they can be fitted.

Gum grafts

This is a dental procedure that helps treat tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is usually caused when the root of the tooth is exposed. Gum grafts involve transfer of soft tissue from one part of the mouth to another. This procedure also improves the aesthetic look of the gum line.

Enamel contouring

This involves removing the dental enamel to be able to change the size, position, shape and length of teeth. The procedure is usually combined with teeth whitening and bonding procedures.

The condition of your teeth will influence the dental procedure that will be needed to improve your smile. You should visit a dentist to be able to know the course of the treatment and the expected results. Visit PanhandleDental.com for more information about dental procedures.

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