The Advantages of Using Starch Glue

With the ever-growing push toward globalization and the global shipping of products, the paper industry has experienced a boon over the last two decades – in particular, the board market. Corrugated boards are used for everything from packing to shipping, storage to merchandising. And along with the steady demand for these products comes the demand for adhesives to be used in their production.

Starch glue has proven itself a popular choice when it comes to adhesives. But just why is it so popular, and how have recent advancements made it an even more natural fit for the needs of the industry?

Economical and Environmentally Safe

Since they’re manufactured from crops that are grown in abundances, such as tapioca, wheat, corn and potatoes, starch-based adhesives are quite cost-effective. Also, in its purest form this is an environmentally friendly solution as the crops from which starch glue is derived are renewable, and the resulting product is biodegradable. Plus, there is little odor produced, which makes it a safer choice for the workers involved in its production than in the case of some chemical adhesives.

A Range of Viscosities

Starch-based adhesives are very versatile and can be used in some applications. While they’re a great tool in the manufacturing of corrugated solutions, they can also be used in applications where a much higher viscosity is required – for instance, wallpaper paste. This ability to create something as thick as a paste if need helps this type of adhesive stand out.

Recent Developments

In the past, if a manufacturer wished to reduce their starch consumption they were forced to add expensive chemicals to starch-based adhesives. However, there are now solutions in use that allow the best of both worlds – reduced starch consumption while eliminating the need for chemical additives. This also allows for a consistent viscosity level from batch to batch and can easily create the perfect adhesive no matter the type of paper in question.

Technology is making the manufacturing and usage of starch glue easier and more cost-effective all the time. With these advancements improving an already superior product, the future of starch glue looks bright.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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