The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting machinery is crucial to any business working with precision machine parts or other components that would be compromised by cutting methods that result in high-temperatures. While the earliest Waterjet Cutting tools were used in the 1930s to cut paper, the modern cutting machinery was initially developed following World War II, in the 1950s. The early versions of the machine relied on templates; today, modern tools are computer controlled, resulting in exceptionally accurate cutting.

Waterjet Cutting can best be described as accelerated erosion. Material is worn away by the high pressure water, which sometimes includes an abrasive material as well. Waterjet Cutting machines, like those manufactured and sold by WARDJet have applications in a wide range of industries. For example, multi-axis Waterjet Cutting provide the flexibility to cut steel, granite, or other materials at multiple angles. This application is particularity useful for three dimensional projects which include multiple cut surfaces.

One of the primary benefits of Waterjet Cutting tools is the ability to create highly-detailed and intricate cuts while avoiding compromising the material being cut. When one uses a traditional blade, such as that found on a saw, to cut material, a heat-affected zone results along the area of the cut. In precision machine parts, this zone of the material is considered compromised, as its properties have been changed. Because a Waterjet Cutting machine uses water, the area being cut never heads up to the point of compromise.

While many businesses first choose Waterjet Cutting because of the precision that can be achieved, there are many other important benefits. Because the kerf, or area between two pieces of a material that is created by the cutting device, is very narrow, less scrap metal results from Waterjet Cutting of steel, copper, or other metals. In addition, the water used in a waterjet cutting machine can be recycled, or reused in a closed system that returns the water to the compressor to be use over and over again. Finally, Waterjet Cutting results in less air pollution in the production area, as the water washes away dust from cutting as it is produced.

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