The Basics Of Spiritual Response Therapy

Everyone has things they do in life that are not productive or positive. These things typically form a pattern that repeats over time and throughout the individual’s life. When these patterns produce positive results, they are important to cherish and nurture. When the patterns are destructive or self-defeating, they need to be eliminated.

Changing Behaviors

Unfortunately, these negative patterns can go much deeper than a simple bad habit or negative behavior choice. They may be deeply rooted programs that sabotage your progress no matter what you try to do to make a positive change.

Spiritual Response Therapy, also known as SRT, is a method used for removing or eliminating these negative patterns through the healing of the soul. The cause of these negative patterns is embedded in our subconscious. In SRT, these negative, embedded patterns are defined as negative soul programs or negative past life energies. Practitioners of SRT are available through World Holistic Network, a platform designed for holistic health and wellbeing.

Getting Rid of Programs and Blocks

Training in Spiritual Response Therapy allows a practitioner to help people to identify these blocks or negative programs and release them from the subconscious mind. Releasing or eliminating these programs in the mind provides the opportunity for different responses in life, bringing in positive energy and creating abundance and joy.

When used in combination with medical treatments, Spiritual Response Therapy can be instrumental in assisting with physical as well as mental health healing. In clearing the energy blocks in the body, people are able to heal more effectively and to help reduce the risk of reoccurrence of health issues.

If you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Response Therapy, talk to a practitioner listed at World Holistic Network. We are easy to find online at

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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