The Benefits of Blown Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX

Insulation comes in many different forms today. As a result, property owners are often confused as to which option best meets their needs. When it comes to Blown Insulation in Wichita Falls TX, there are numerous benefits one may expect to see upon choosing this option. Following are some of these benefits.

Energy Efficient

Blown insulation is more airtight than rolled batting insulation. The material is smaller and therefore can get into the little cracks and crevices of the home. As this is where air typically leaks through a structure, this is of great importance. Also, it forms around unusually shaped items, such as beams and pipes, to better insulate the area. The tight seal helps to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the structure and leads to lower heating and cooling bills. The savings are seen often allow this project to pay for itself within a few short years. Furthermore, this material is moisture resistant, so mold and rot become less of a concern.

Noise Reduction

It’s very irritating to be inside the comfort of one’s home trying to relax only to hear the neighbors fighting or music coming from a car traveling down the street. Where is the peace one should expect in their residence? When blown insulation is added to the structure, the noise from outside the residence is greatly reduced. Many people are surprised to see how much this one change in the home can do to reduce external noises.

Resistant to Fire

Blown insulation can be of great help in preventing and reducing fires in a structure. Thanks to the tight seal that is created by the material, air is no longer allowed to flow through the small spaces in the building. This is of great help, as fire needs air for fuel. The insulation prevents this air from reaching the flame.

Contact Superior Thermal Solutions to learn more about the benefits of Blown Insulation in Wichita Falls TX. Property owners who choose this option find they experience numerous other benefits not mentioned above. The company will be happy to explain these benefits and why this is the preferred choice of so many.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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