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You know that you want a great looking home and have ideas of what you want it to look like, but you may not know what the next steps are to get there. You ask yourself, how do they do it on TV? Can home designing really be that simple? The answer in most cases is “yes,” and the way to get there is through professional home designers who know what they are doing.

The benefits of a home design professional are exactly what you see on your favorite TV shows. They can listen to your thoughts and wishes, develop the pretty picture, and, what is often overlooked on TV, develop a plan of how to get there.

Is anybody listening?

Home design starts with a good listener. You know what you want, and you need a designer who can listen and understand what that idea is. The best home designers don’t say you have one or two choices to pick from, but rather listen to what their client’s wants and needs are and develop their design incorporating everything. Figuratively and literally, if you want the moon, we’ll find a way to give it to you (maybe through carefully positioned skylights taking advantage of how the moon best shines down into your home).

A picture says a thousand words.”

It is more and more important nowadays that a home designer be able to create a picture of what they are designing. Not only does this confirm that we understand what your end goal is but reading pages and pages of construction plans can often get confusing. The simplest way is to provide the right amount of renderings and details that creates no confusion for you, as the client, or anyone brought on to the project, such as a contractor.

What’s the Plan?

Often more important than creating the picture, is what is the plan? Without the plan, the picture is only still a pretty picture. The best professional home designer will be able to develop construction plans outlining how to get from A to Z. This step, which is often the most important, often gets overlooked. It’s easy to develop the pretty picture but figuring how to get it built is what separates the professionals from the “hobby designers.”

We, at Team Engineering, take pride in our responsive communication, our ability to create “the picture”, and developing the best plan to get you there. Give us a call when you’re thinking about your next home design project and we’ll be ready to listen!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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