The difference between brokers and agents

There are many different types of real estate agents in Pembroke Pines FL, so many in fact that at times even the agents can confuse themselves. There are agents that add titles after their name in hopes of standing out in the crowd, they may add the term associate, consultant or REALTOR®, but basically they are all real estate agents.

Before a real estate agent can give advice on a transaction, they must be licensed. In many states there is an online register maintained by the state where any interested party can check the current status of the agent’s license and if there are any outstanding violations that have been filed.

As you go through the process of selling or buying a house, these are some of the variations of a real estate agent that you may encounter:

Real estate broker:

Becoming a real estate broker is considerably more difficult than becoming a real estate agent. In many states, to become a broker the individual must have a four year college degree which includes college-level courses in real estate. In the event the applicant does not have the requisite degree; then two years of experience in the industry plus eight college level real estate courses are required.

A real estate broker can either work independently or he can hire real estate salespeople to represent him and his company. Although both a broker and an agent have to pass an exam, the broker exam is longer and more difficult as brokers are expected to be more knowledgeable.

Associate broker:

An associate broker is an individual who is a broker but prefers to work with another broker. Being a broker is one thing; being associated with a much larger brokerage is often desirable. The associate broker can earn a percentage from each transaction.

Real estate agents in Pembroke Pines FL:

Real estate agents are salespeople who are licensed to transact property sales, they are not brokers. A real estate agent cannot work independently, he or she must work for a broker and the broker takes full responsibility for the agent’s actions.


Listing agent:

The listing agent can be either a broker or a real estate agent, they are also called sellers agent as they represent the seller of the house. The listing agent owes a fiduciary responsibility under the agreement between him and the seller.

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