The Importance of Atlanta Leak Detection

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Plumbing

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Water is an essential part of your life. Unfortunately, it can also play a role in destruction as well. This is especially true when it comes to the structure of a house or a place of business. In fact, a small water leak being caused by a busted pipe can lead to a lot of serious structure problems if it is not resolved immediately. If you notice unexplained standing water within any structure, call Atlanta leak detection immediately!

The process of Atlanta leak detection is a lot easier when it involves a simple plumbing system like the ones you would find inside a house. It only makes sense that the process would be more complicated when you are trying to find the leak in a larger structure such as a building that has a number of stories. In most cases, a regular plumber is more than enough to fix a small water leak. However, there are going to be some cases where you would be better off contacting a plumber who specializing in Atlanta leak detection.

Professional plumbers are going to use a number of different methods to find the source of a water leak. The most common technique used is referred to as the dig and drill technique. This is a traditional and commonly used technique because it is cheaper than other options. For a homeowner (or business owner) this technique can be a huge hassle. This is because the plumber is going to have to dig up your floors and drill holes into your walls in order to find the pipes that are leaking. This means that you may also have to spend money on having the floors and walls repaired in addition to just fixing the leak.

Meter detection is when a plumber uses a digital device to scan the area for signs of a leak. The meter is added to one end of the plumbing system and it uses water pressure to determine approximately where the leak is. While this is a less invasive option, most plumbers will tell you that the meter is not always 100 percent accurate.

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