The Importance of Having Enough Aluminum Extrusions Stock

Aluminum extrusions come in an almost endless variety of shapes for almost every conceivable industrial and consumer market. Seamless and structural aluminum pipe and tube, structural angles, channels, H-beams, Z-bars and T-bars are just a few. There is something for every imaginable application. Other commonly available stock extrusions include:

* Solid bar
* Hollow tube
* Edge molding
* Corner molding
* Dividers
* Drawer pulls and
* Slotwall

Why is Stock so Important?
It is important for any aluminum supplier to have extensive aluminum extrusions in stock so when orders are received, they can be packaged and shipped on the same day. Machining and milling centers, for example, are constantly in need of extruded parts. They value the attractive appearance, high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance that is intrinsic to every aluminum alloy product.

The most common aluminum extrusion stock alloys are 6061, 6042 and 6262, as they are ideally suited to hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds, telecommunications electronics and a wide variety of equipment and machinery applications.

Custom Parts
Sometimes, despite the wide range of aluminum extrusions stock available, companies need a unique and very specific shape. Industries such as aerospace, mass transit, solar/renewable energy and automotive among others, often require parts with a complex cross-sectional pattern, or with many protrusions and flanges. This is why they need custom parts.

Engineers and designers will work closely together with the customer in order to create a design and then translate that into an actual extruded part. This is usually a three-part process, starting with visualizing the shape that the necessity dictates, and then putting this down on paper in a technical drawing with accurate dimensions and specifications.

The second step is to carve out the die through which the aluminum will be extruded. This is done by a skilled extrusion engineer who will ensure it is made to the exact dimensions required. Once the die is created, all that’s left is for the customer to choose the required alloy and finish, and the process of creating a brand new part can begin. Once the die is cast, you can choose from a wide variety of painted and anodized finishes and colors to perfectly customize you order.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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