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The Importance Of Prompt Squirrel Removal In Reynoldsburg

Squirrels can be found on almost every continent on Earth, the exceptions being Australia and Antarctica. More than 200 species of squirrel exist, ranging in length from a mere 5 inches to a staggering 3 feet. Most of the United States is familiar with the common tree squirrel, which measures a happy medium of just over 1 foot.

Anyone who has taken a moment to watch squirrels on the move is well aware of their nimble nature. They can speedily wind their way up and down trees, hop from branch to branch, perform an amazing tight rope act across power lines and jump a distance of 10 feet. Though they occasionally lose their footing, they can fall up to 100 feet without injury.

Squirrels generally tend to avoid contact with people and domesticated animals, but they have been known to find their way into homes and nest in attics. They can effortlessly chew through eaves and walls before taking up housekeeping within the lesser used areas of a home. Though they are harmless to people for the most part, they can cause a great deal of damage to a home. For this reason, prompt Squirrel removal should take place after they have moved into a home.

By chewing through the exterior of a structure, they leave the interior vulnerable to moisture. Rain and snow can infiltrate a home through the same openings as squirrels, leading to mold, mildew and decay. Additionally, squirrels can quickly and easily destroy insulation, creating drafts and reducing the energy efficiency of a home. Find more information.

Squirrels also tend to chew through wiring, leading to shortages and localized loss of electricity, land line phone service and other utilities. The exposed wiring they leave behind also increases the risk of fire. Aside from their unexpected remodeling efforts, squirrels can also nibble their way out of the attic and into the living spaces of a home. They can then leave waste and debris throughout the home.

A company offering professional Squirrel removal in Reynoldsburg should be contacted immediately if a squirrel, or evidence of one, has been found inside a home. Once the squirrel has been safely removed, the home should be thoroughly inspected for any damage the squirrel may have caused. Damaged structural elements should be repaired and insulation and wiring showing signs of damage should be replaced.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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