The Main Components of a Traditional Funeral Service in Milford, OH

One of the hardest parts of life is dealing with the passing of friends and loved ones. When tragedy strikes, it can be hard to put yourself together enough to plan for their funeral and other end of life issues. Luckily, a funeral home can make this easier by offering assistance with the planning and organizing of a Traditional Funeral Service in Milford, OH. Don’t try to do it on your own, when you can have the care and compassion of a professional helping you plan the following components of your loved ones farewell. Most services will consist of these items, but you can choose to organize your own personalized service if you don’t feel a traditional proceeding will meet your needs.

Body Preparation and Casket Selection

The funeral director that helps you plan your Funeral Service in Milford, OH, will also arrange for the body to be prepared according to the laws in your area. They will also help you choose a casket and file for any insurance claims that you may have to help pay for the funeral arrangements. This can be one of the most challenging parts of planning and take an emotional toll on you.

Viewing and Receiving of Friends

Once the body has been prepared, you will then be ready to have the viewing or receiving of friends. This is when you allow other friends and family members to view the body and say any final words. Let a professional help you choose the proper music to play and arrange for flowers, so you will know that you planned a beautiful service that commemorates their life.

Funeral Proceedings and Grave Arrangements

Once the viewing is completed, you will then be ready for the official funeral service. The planner will help you choose a grave site and arrange for the burial to take place. They can also assist with finding a clergy to officiate the service. This is designed to give you final closure, so it’s important to be organized so there aren’t any issues or problems that could arise. Planning for a funeral isn’t easy, but there are professionals who can help you. Whether you need help pre-planning for your arrangements or for those of a recently deceased friend, make sure you contact Dodds Memorials. They will provide professional and compassionate guidance that will help you get the closure you need, and ensure your loved one gets the final send off they deserve.

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