The Next Moves If Your VA Disability Claim Is Denied

If you go through the process of claiming veterans disability benefits and your application is denied, you are in good company. The VA has a high error rate so don’t take a denial of benefits on the initial application too serious, this s when you should consult with lawyers for VA claims and consider appealing the decision. There is no denying that the appeals process is long and drawn out but just knowing that there is a very high error rate by the VA is enough to give you reason to expect that the initial decision will be overturned.

Very high error rate:

The DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) is the first to admit that far too many errors are made when initial applications are being evaluated. Even though they admit this shortcoming they do argue with independent reporting agencies as to the size of the problem. The DVA admits to an error rate of about 15 percent, a private monitoring group, The Center for Investigative Reporting found the error rate to be 38 percent and even the DVA Inspector General admits to ridiculously high error rates in some offices in California.

Common reasons for claim denial:

With the error rate being as high as it is, being denied is not the end of the road by any stretch of the imagination. Common reasons for being denied include:

* Insufficient medical evidence to support the claim
* Inability to tie your disability to your military service
* The claim was approved but the disability rating is to low

In cases like this there is a very good chance that, with the help of lawyers for VA claims, the original decision to deny benefits can be overturned. It’s always a good idea to prepare your claim with a seasoned lawyer; you can improve your chances of approval on your first application.

With the error rate being what it is you should consider hiring lawyers for VA claims when you first apply for disability benefits. Our Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices attorneys have years of experience serving veterans from across the nation. Contact today to schedule your consultation to find out what we can do for you. Follow us on Facebook for latest updates.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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