The Romans Got It Right!

While the Roman people certainly didn’t invent marble, they did utilize it as a mainstream medium in their buildings. If you want proof of its durability you don’t need to look any further than the Roman landmarks that still exist to this day. If marble can withstand the harshness of mother nature and time, imagine how it will last in your bathroom.

Bathrooms Require Durable Countertops

The bathroom area is particularly punishing on countertops and makes stone the obvious choice to use for surfaces. Things like extreme heat sources from curling irons or hairdryers can cause traditional countertop materials to burn or bubble. Stone can’t be affected by heat, so you won’t have to worry about damage occurring. When you take a hot shower in your bathroom the room is filled with steam which can seep under the surface layer of your countertops which can lead to warping and peeling. Marble doesn’t allow things like staining or dampness to get into it. Water can easily be wiped away instead of being able to seep into the material itself. When you have a professional contractor that deals with marble bathroom countertops in Johnson County, MO, you can have a bathroom that will not only look visually stunning but will also stand up to the demands put on it.

The Passion You Need

Gaumats International has a real love for the medium of marble because we know that it offers a visual look and durability that can’t be matched. We want the work we do to last for generations, and it is because of this that our contractors only do the highest quality work. Check our website today and you can learn all about the services that we provide to help get the bathroom upgrade that you envision.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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