The Simms Guide Jacket: Go for the Best in the Worst

by | May 24, 2014 | Shopping

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Inclement weather isn’t fun, but in most cases, it is the best weather for fly fishing. Controlling the weather isn’t possible, but you can be prepared for it. Because of this, it is important to have an all-weather jacket that you can bring with you in case bad weather finds its way to you. This way, you can continue to fish and enjoy your time.


The Simms fishing Guide Jacket is of very high quality. It is made of a breathable fabric named Gore-Tex XCR, which makes it 25 percent more breathable than regular Gore-Tex. Of course, the jacket will keep you dry, as it is considered weatherproof, but it will also keep sweat and moisture away from your skin by allowing it to escape. This ultimately helps you stay drier longer.

Another part of the great quality is the large zipper. This is big and strong, which means it would take a lot to break it.


This jacket is meant to be slightly baggy and give you a lot of room for comfort. However, it also has an elastic waist to keep it close to the skin, keeping out the wind. This makes it great for a light-weight wind jacket, as well as rain or snow jackets.

The jacket also has a lot of pockets, both hidden and regular. These pockets are great for keeping spare money, spare flies and whatever else you need to store. Most people pair this jacket with a great pack of some sort, but if you just can’t take a bag with you, then you will probably still be okay with this jacket. You also won’t have to wear an outer vest or hanging belt with this jacket, as you can keep all your gear in the pockets.


Fly fishers need to have retractors that can hold clippers and pliers. However, purchased retractors can damage clothing and be annoying to use. These are built in with the Simms Guide Jacket and they can be hidden when they aren’t being used.


One of the greatest features of this coat is that it has watertight cuffs that stretch. These will adjust to fit snugly against the wrist, minimizing water entry when you cast your line and when catching those fish.

Another great thing is the roll-up hood and drawstring waist.

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