The Steps to Purchasing Small Office Phone Systems

For most small businesses, the most important component of the office is the telephone system. Without an effective method to communicate with vendors, customers and co-workers, it would be difficult for a business to be successful. Every company has different needs when it comes to their small office phone systems. Determining the features your business needs the most, as well as whether you should have an analog or digital system, are the two most important considerations when finding the perfect phone solution for your company.

Basic Telephone Features

The most basic features of any phone system include the ability to put calls on hold, as well as forward calls when needed. They also typically include redialing features, speed dial and voicemail. A few of the more advanced features you might consider that can be found in digital phones include hold music, an automated attendant and an automated directory of extensions to enable callers to find the appropriate party. If you own a company that hosts conferences, you should consider conferencing features as well.

Feature Rich Systems

Digital small office phone systems also offer more advanced features, such as the ability to link remote employees together, no matter how far they are from the main office. It can also connect employees who are on the road often as long as they have the ability to access a computer. One of the most advanced features is the ability to integrate data along with a phone system. This enables businesses to use caller id functions to access a customer’s account before a live person ever picks up the phone.

Size of the System

Aside from determining the number of phones your system will need, you need to determine how many calls could occur at the same time. This is important because digital phone services use the bandwidth of your Internet service provider, not an actual phone line. If you do not have the appropriate bandwidth, you will experience dropped or poor quality calls.

When you are determining the exact phone needs of your small business, you need to consider the number of employees who need phone service, whether they are local to your office or span the globe and how many features you will need. While you have the choice between analog and digital small office phone systems, most businesses turn to digital today because of its extensive features and low costs.

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