The Way To Maintain Your Braces

Daily oral care is a must for everyone but for those who are wearing braces it takes more than a simple brushing. When wearing braces the individual will find that it is necessary to face a mirror far longer than someone who is not fitted with braces as every brace must be cleaned individually. Most orthodontists will point out certain foods to their patients that will prove to be troublesome, suggesting they avoid these foods at all possible. Braces in Elmhurst are quite expensive; maintaining the teeth while they are fitted is an absolute must.

Those who are currently wearing braces must clean their teeth several times during the day, most certainly after every meal. With the design of the braces being what it is particles of food can easily be trapped under the wires and brackets. As the majority of braces are either made from metal or contain metal there is always the possibility that certain overly acidic foods will react with them. It is important that the wearer remove all traces of food as soon after eating as possible, it takes very little time for the gums and teeth to become infected or inflamed. Many wearers will be supplied or they will purchase a special toothbrush which has a small brush area and can easily fit between each brace point.

Brushing of course is a must for those who wear braces in Elmhurst although brushing rarely removes all evidence of food particles. Along with brushing, it is highly recommended that the individual floss. There is special floss available; it is made especially for those people who wear braces. One end of this floss is stiff which allows it to be easily inserted between the braces; it is also a little woollier which helps considerably to give the teeth and braces a thorough cleaning.

There is a list of foods that the orthodontist will warn the patient to avoid. Hard food or crispy food is especially bad for those fitted with braces. Carrots, apples, pretzels, potato chips, etc are bad and should be avoided. The patient must never eat ice, while chewing it can exert significant force on the appliance before it breaks, chewing ice can easily result in forces so high that the braces will actually break. Sticky foods such as cheese and some preserved fruits should be avoided as much as possible along with any food which is somewhat rubbery in texture; this includes gum and soft candies. If you find yourself with a craving and you absolutely must eat these foods then take your time, chew slowly and immediately after your craving has been satisfied, clean your teeth and braces thoroughly.

Braces in Elmhurst are a series of bands, wires, brackets and elastic bands which are used to align crooked teeth or improve a bite. If your teeth are crooked you are invited to discuss the solution with the specialists at Oakbrook Orthodontics.

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