Things To Do If You Are The Victim In A Car Accident

If you find yourself involved in a car accident you need to take action and take it in a logical order. First and foremost is to attend to injuries that you or anyone else sustained, the next thing is to contact the police who will arrive on the scene and document the details of the accident. In most cases the police will base their report on what they see and any statements they can gather from witnesses. If the accident is little more than a fender bender and there are no injuries and the damage is minor the parties can often go to the police station and file a report directly. What is important is that there is a police report on record. You will have to contact your insurance carrier and provide them with all the details of the accident. If you can, while you are at the scene try to get as many pictures of the accident, the road conditions and the surroundings as possible as well as the contact details of any witnesses that can support your contention if it becomes necessary. All of these things will become very important in the event you have to hire a car accident attorney in Miami to sue the at-fault driver.

At this stage it matters little what the circumstances are, what is important is to call the police and have them prepare a detailed accident report. If you can, call the police from the scene, upon the arrival of the officer he or she can review the scene before any evidence is lost, it is this that forms the basis of a factual and actual report. Before the officer leaves the scene of the accident make sure you are given a copy of the report, this may prove to be important in the future.

Even though the report confirms that you were not at fault you still must contact your insurance company. Your insurance carrier will want all the details of the incident, these details include the date and time of the accident, where the accident occurred as well as the personal details of everyone that was in your car and whether they sustained injury. You must exchange insurance information with the other driver as the insurance companies will want the driver’s details.

If the insurance company of the at-fault driver is reluctant to pay damages you may have to sue and nothing impresses a court more than details. Remember to get witness statements, photos of the scene and the damage, documented road conditions, skid marks, etc. With this type of support your car accident attorney in Miami will be in a position to do your cause justice.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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