Things you never knew you could do with Burlap

One of the most versatile materials available these days is one that might surprise many. Burlap—yes, that’s right, sack material—is actually far more durable and versatile than you might imagine. Most people don’t realize just how many possible applications there are for burlap, such as a table runner. You can create a really neat table mixed with lace edges sewn on can look wonderful in the right setting. Burlap is made using the skin of the jute plant, making a natural, highly durable yet very useful material.

Burlap can be dyed by natural methods so that it can be dyed to any color of your choice.  You can buy colored burlap fabric for just about any use, from table runners to table clothes, Christmas stockings and mini Christmas decorations, favor bags for weddings, wine bags, tote bags, beach bags, cushion covers, curtains and all manner of other household accessories.

Making your Own Accessories

If you are the crafty type and you like to experiment with new natural fibers, you can purchase burlap ribbon in various colors as well. Plain or patterned, the burlap material can be used as an additions to cushion edges, pennants, and all other artsy projects that you have in mind. Many patterned burlap ribbons come in chevron or checkered designs in various colors and you can choose the width of the ribbon too.

Some of the colors available are white, natural, green, gray, orange, red and black, among others. These can be used to create all kinds of projects and fun things, including stuff for the kids. Why not buy some burlap ribbon and get your kids to make their own Christmas decorations or ornaments? You can blend it with other materials or objects and get them using their imaginations.

Making your own table cloth is a good idea too because you can customize and personalize it, by adding accessories, colors, and designs to suit your home décor. You might also want to make a Christmas tablecloth in green and red so that your guests have a unique style to sit down to dinner with. It will certainly get their attention and they may even want to make one of their own.

To find colored burlap fabric check out the website for the Burlap store and get a list of their products and prices.

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