Tips for Caring for Your Hard Water Hair

When you have hard water in your home you can experience some real bad hair days. This can be very frustrating day after day and can also cause damage to your lovely locks. Here are some tips you can use to help battle the flat, unruly hair caused by hard water.

EDTA Shampoo

Look for shampoos containing EDTA. This ingredient is used to remove mineral build up in your hair and hard water is the number one cause of mineral build up. These shampoos can be found under many names such as chelating, neutralizing and clarifying. However if they don’t contain EDTA you will not have the results you are after. EDTA will bind to minerals and remove them as you rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Okay, this may sound a little unusual, but you can make an apple cider vinegar rinse for your hair using 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and ¼ of distilled water. Use this in your hair and leave on for a few minutes – then rinse with cold water. This not only helps remove the minerals but offers bounce and shine as well.

Moroccan Argan Oil

This is the miracle cure for all your hair woes. Argan oil helps smooth and moisturize even the dullest and most lifeless hair assisting with everything from frizzies to hard water hair. This ingredient can be found in many hair care products and can be applied when your hair is wet, used in shampoos and conditioners or as a finishing gloss. Do not apply too much to the roots as it is quite heavy but hair loves it on the tips.

Install a Water Softener

If you own your house then water softeners Fremont, NE companies can install it. That will make a huge difference to not only your hair but your skin. Water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium found in hard water and you will find your clothes, skin and hair all look better.

If you are being driven to distraction with bad hair days, you may have hard water. Look for a white build up on your taps and if you see it call a company to install the water softeners Fremont NE use for softer, hair-friendly water.

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