Tips for Choosing an Affordable Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is one of the more important parts of getting married for the bride-to-be. It is possible to find her the perfect ring without going broke in the process. These five tips for buying a Quality Engagement Ring can help make her smile with delight when the big question is popped. Create a BudgetWhile it may be easy to be persuaded to spend a bundle on the ring, it is best to set a budget before even looking at engagement rings. This will help insure that there is still money in the bank for the honeymoon and the wedding. Some people set a budget of two months worth of salary, but this can be adjusted up or down depending on the current finances. Select a MetalIf the bride-to-be has not given any specifications about her ring preference then look at her other jewelry to find out which metal she prefers to wear on a regular basis. It could be gold, white gold, platinum or sterling silver. Choose a SettingThere are a variety of setting available but the three most popular are the solitaire, settings with a matching wedding band and a setting with additional stones that accentuate the diamond. Regardless of which setting is chosen, it is important to consider that a wedding band will be added after the nuptials. So choose something that can be easily matched to the wedding band if one is not purchased at the same time as the engagement ring. Choosing the Right DiamondDiamonds are available in many different shapes. Some women prefer going with a basic round diamond while others may prefer more elaborate shapes like the pear, marquise, heart, princess or emerald cuts. SizingAsk her best friend or mother if they know her ring size. If the size that is needed is not known, try to get one of her rings and use a printable ring sizer to obtain the correct size. The ring can also be sized by tracing the inside of the circular area onto a piece of paper and taking that to the jeweler.These tips can help make the process of picking out the perfect engagement ring easier. Choosing an affordable ring can also help get the marriage off to a good start without added debt.



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