Tips for Finding the Right Pharmacist in Ledyard, CT

After settling in after a move to town, the time has come to start setting up local accounts. One of the more important things to do is find the right pharmacist in Ledyard CT. Here are a few of the attributes that the customer wants when making this decision.

Communication Skills

Nothing is quite as frustrating as being unable to ask questions and get reasonable answers. The right Pharmacist in Ledyard CT, will always have time to discuss possible side effects of current medications, what sorts of reactions can occur if the patient eats or drinks certain things, and how some prescription medications can interfere with the actions of other medications prescribed by a doctor. In order to truly be effective, the pharmacist must be able to explain all these things in ways that the patient can understand. Knowing that the pharmacist is looking out for the best interests of the patient and can talk about any health-related issue provides a lot of comfort.

Taking Over the Counter Drugs

For someone who is taking several prescription medications, wondering what would happen if the patient took an over the counter cold medicine is a real concern. Are there properties of the over the counter product that would amplify the effects of a medication or possibly render it ineffective? A pharmacist will know if this is possible. Thanks to the ability to quickly determine if the ingredients in a cold medicine will increase the effects of the anxiety medication the patient takes, it is possible to avoid the potential for too much sedation.

Help with Refills

Always work with a pharmacist who will help obtain fresh prescriptions for the patient. If the current prescription is down to one refill, the pharmacist should have a procedure in place to contact the physician of the patient and obtain a new one. This is especially important for people who are taking a medication to control a chronic condition like type 2 diabetes. By offering this level of support, the patient does not run the risk of forgetting until the last of the medicine is taken.

The right pharmacist will make managing health issues must easier. Find one who is knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and who has a real interest in the welfare of patients. In the long run, doing so will make for a harmonious working relationship.

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