Tips for Shopping for a Birdcage Chandelier

A birdcage chandelier can be a very powerful piece. When it comes to home decor this task deserves a lot of time and consideration, especially when choosing to get the perfect one. Deciding where you are going to place the chandelier such as in the foyer, living room, or dining room is going to play a role in what kind you purchase. A chandelier is really going to do big things when it comes to defining the style and mood of the room it is in.

Depending on the size and the detail of a birdcage chandelier it can either whisper or shout. Getting a large and ornate chandelier or a small and simple one really depends on the size of the room. A larger and more ornate chandelier should be placed in a spacious room such as your foyer. Smaller chandeliers look great over dining room tables.

Deciding on the size of the chandelier is important, but you need to have proper measurements of the room in order to get the right size. An average ceiling is going to be 8 feet from the floor and the general rule of thumb is that a chandelier should never be hind if there is less than 7 feet of space between the bottom of it and the floor. You also need to make sure there is at least 30 inches of space between the bottom of the chandelier and the kitchen table. If you have young children you want to make sure there is no way they can grab the chandelier and pull it down. While they may not look very big or heavy hanging from your ceiling they could seriously hurt your child if one were to fault on top of him or her.

Style is really a matter of personal preference. You pick what you like and you pick what is going to look best with the rest of your home decor. Birdcage is just one of many styles of chandeliers. The name of that particular style stems from the fact that it looks like it is encased in a bird cage. Contact Designer Chandeliers for more information.

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