Top Reasons Concrete Waterproofing Fails

If you have ever heard someone complain about their concrete waterproofing in their basement failing, chances are they committed one of the top common mistakes, which often occur when homeowners try to take care of basement waterproofing on their own. There is a major difference between having a professional company perform your basement waterproofing and trying to handle it on your own. If you understand the top reasons waterproofing can fail, it can help you avoid the same mistakes, even if you are attempting it on your own.

Poor Interior Repairs

If your concrete waterproofing takes place from the inside, chances are the repairs will need to be repeated in the future. The main reason this occurs is because the water is still able to get at your walls from outside because no treatment was performed to the exterior of your home. If the job that was done on the interior was performed by a novice or not done correctly, even by a professional, the water from the exterior will eventually leak in again, causing you more problems and requiring more repairs and waterproofing.

Failing to Handle Water on the Exterior

Even if you have your basement waterproofed, you still have to take appropriate measures to keep the water on the exterior of your home away from the foundation and exterior of the home. This includes keeping your gutters free from debris to avoid water overflow and properly positioning your downspouts to keep the water from flowing near your foundation to prevent any water damage from occurring in the first place.

Avoiding the Real Issue

If the reason your water seepage occurs in the first place is ignored, even the best concrete waterproofing will fail. It is important to use a specialist who will address the root of the problem, not just try to cover up the problem. Once the initial problem is resolved, the right method for concrete waterproofing can further the success of your waterproofing, allowing you to avoid any water seepage problems in the future.

Even though the world of concrete waterproofing might seem overwhelming or complex, with the right company it can be successful. If you are aware of the common mistakes many homeowners make and avoid those or avoid using a contractor who does not specialize in basement waterproofing, your efforts in keeping your home free from water seepage should be successful.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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