Top Tips for Making Contact Lenses More Comfortable

While contact lenses can be really convenient, they can also be really uncomfortable. Many people find it too much to bear to keep their contact lenses in all day. If you struggle with discomfort then there are things you can do. Eye doctors Lawrence KS can provide you with various tips to help you stay comfortable while wearing daily contacts. They can also work out whether there’s a reason why your contacts might be uncomfortable. For example, you may have a condition known as ‘dry eyes’.

Using artificial tears
There are different types of eye drops that can really help to relieve dry eyes. Contact lenses are also known to make the eyes dryer. It’s important to get the eye drops from your eye doctor as some of them aren’t supposed to be used with certain types of contact lenses. If you use a drop that’s not compatible with your lenses, they could end up being discolored or even completely ruined.

If you are trying to combat dryness, don’t choose artificial tears that are designed to eliminate redness. These types of drops are mainly used to constrict the blood vessels within the eyes. It may eliminate redness, but they certainly won’t eliminate the dryness problem.

Using nutritional supplements
Did you know that it’s not just the amount of tears that your eyes create that’s the problem, but it’s also the quality of them? If you have what is known as poor tear chemistry, it can cause the tears to evaporate quickly. So even if you are producing plenty of tears, they may not be staying around long enough to eliminate dryness.

Omega 3 acids are known to help with tear quality. This can be found in Omega 3 supplements, as well as in oily fish such as salmon.

Choosing specialist contacts
Did you know that there are specialist contact lenses designed for those who have dry eyes? Disposable lenses can be a good option as discomfort can often be caused by a buildup of deposits. Disposable lenses don’t give anything a chance to build up on them before they are thrown away.

You can ask your eye doctors Lawrence KS for advice on specialist contact lenses. You should also look out for specialist products which clean the lenses. Some products may cause irritation to the eyes if they aren’t specifically designed to clean contacts.

A good tip if you’re just starting to try out contacts is to choose soft ones. These are more comfortable than other types of contact lenses. Remember, if you’re having any trouble at all you should contact your eye doctor. They will be able to give you the best advice on how to minimize your discomfort.

When it comes to your vision you must visit a qualified eye doctor. Staff at Lawrence Optometrists can diagnose eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, Minor eye infections & more.

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