Transforming Smiles to Perfection with Cosmetic Dentists in Ahwatukee

Not all dentists know the craft of cosmetic dentistry and what skills go into it. This subdivision of dentistry has rapidly advanced in recent years. A general dentist who has only been trained to correct conventional oral conditions may not be able to transform a smile to the individual standards of some patients. There is an array of procedures that correct anything from dulled enamel, to something as serious as a large group of missing teeth.

The whiteness of tooth enamel inevitably changes in time. It can vary in degree being mild, to moderate, or severe. Abundant consumption of certain foods and dark colored drinks can make enamel discoloration more prominent. Oddly shaped teeth is another oral imperfection that can’t be corrected without the help of Cosmetic Dentists in Ahwatukee. Teeth that are healthy but need some aesthetic enhancements may be fit for Ultra-Thin Veneers. Ultra-Thin Veneers is a pearly casing that’s adhered to the teeth. The durable materials reconstruct smiles into a flawless appearance. In addition to enhancing the look of outer enamel, veneers protect teeth that are chipped, cracked or have other minor damages.

Low gum lines can give a smile an unpleasant appearance. Even when teeth are perfectly straight, a gummy smile has a way of standing out more. Extended gum lines hide the true beauty of tooth structure. Gum contouring performed by Cosmetic Dentists in Ahwatukee removes excess tissue to reveal the true size and shape of teeth. A laser or electrosurge removes the extra tissue. Gums may be sore and feel like a minor burn from hot food for only a day or two. A gum lift can correct other outer surface gum problems like an exposed root surface or missing papillae.

Dental implants is a trending procedure done in dental offices. People who are having difficulties with dentures are perfect candidates for implants. It is a permanent solution to missing teeth. The process of dental implants consists of melding titanium posts to the root bone of the tooth. Each tooth has an individual post so partial implant procedures won’t disturb any neighboring teeth. One fact that makes implants more stable than dentures is that it protects the tooth root bone. The foundation of teeth under the gumline is shielded from abrasion that dentures can cause. The overall health of teeth is upheld. Click here for more information.

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