Treating Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can be extremely difficult to treat, due to the fact that feet are hidden away in dark, usually moist, shoes. This is the ideal environment for toenail fungus in Jacksonville FL to thrive. This dark, damp environment and the typically hardy nature of it usually makes OTC treatments ineffective, the ideal solutions for toenail fungus can be found at a podiatry clinic. A knowledgeable podiatrist is in a position to prescribe oral medications that treat the fungal infection over time.

Over and above prescribing anti-fungal medication the podiatrist will also trim the infected nail or nails, instructing the patient on the proper filing and shaping procedure so that the patient can continue this at home. The podiatrist can also prescribe topical medications that are applied to the nails to assist in speeding the treatment up.

There are many natural remedies for toenail fungus in Jacksonville FL but whether they are effective is questionable, the results tend to vary based on the person and the severity of the infection. Often these natural remedies take considerably longer to treat the problem that when prescription remedies suggested by a podiatrist are used.

Over the counter toenail fungus remedies which are topical in nature abound. There are numerous varnishes and creams as well as gels that often can help by rarely are they beneficial on any infection other that one which is quite mild, for many people success with these OTC treatments is elusive because for the remedy to penetrate the nail, the nail must first be manipulated with professional treatment which can entail sanding, drilling and in the worse cases even surgery may be required.

Although it may be the last resort toenail fungus in Jacksonville FL may have reached the point where only surgical intervention will result in a permanent solution. Although toenail removal might prove costly as well as uncomfortable it is available when the fungus does not respond to other treatment methods. Often, the candidate for toenail removal will also have a nail which is problematic due to its size and shape.

Treating toenail fungus is not something that happens overnight, it can often take several months for it to be completely eradicated. Regardless of whether the sufferer resorts to OTC treatments or elects to use prescription remedies suggested by a podiatrist it is important that the treatment be seen through. In cases where the treatment is stopped before the infection is completely eliminated it can remain on the nail. Contact First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic for more information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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