Trouble Shifting Your Vehicle, You Could Need Transmission Repair Casper WY

Even if you’re not an auto expert, there are warning signs that your vehicle will give you that let you now it’s time for repairs. The more educated you are on these warning signs, the better chance you have of paying minimal cash for quality repairs that will keep your car in great working condition. Aside from the engine, another very costly repair on a vehicle is the transmission, without an effectively running transmission, switching gears and driving would be nearly impossible. Below are a few common signs that you should seek a mechanic for Transmission Repair Casper WY.


If you are driving in one gear and it seems that the car switches to another gear for no apparent reason, this is a sign of slippage. You may notice that the noise from the engine changes pitch and your vehicle may begin to seem like it’s struggling, underpowered, or does not accelerate as it should.

Rough Shifting

You may find that the car either does not switch gears or is not switching as smoothly as it should. If you begin to notice sounds or movements such as a clunk or thud as you shift the gears, you should get the car to a mechanic right away. Other signs of rough shifting might be if the car does not get up to the correct speed as quickly as it once did.

Delayed Engagement

If you’re shifting from park to drive and notice that your vehicle takes a slight pause before engaging, this is a sign that something is wrong with the transmission. While you may be able to rev the engine and give it gas, you may find that it does not move forward until a few seconds later. To know more, click here.


Transmissions are designed to remain sealed and should not leak fluids for any reason. When you drive away from your home or a parking space and notice reddish colored fluid or leakage spots you should immediately find a mechanic to check the transmission.

Delayed responses in finding a Transmission Repair Casper WY Mechanic could result in a failed transmission. This means that your vehicle may not move in various shifts, leaving you stranded when you least expect it. Schedule an appointment with Doyle Johnson’s Inc to ensure your transmission is in working order.

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