Tuscan Earth for Superior Quality in Terra Cotta

Impruneta pots are terra cotta creations which possess uniqueness not found in other terra cotta products. What makes them different is found in the clay used to make them. Taken from the Tuscan region, the clay possesses an unusual chemical composition. Once this special earth is processed and fired, the end product is an Impruneta pot which has a high resistance to the effects of freezing and other weather conditions. It also possesses a warm reddish tint which fits in well with most decorating schemes.

A few words about lesser quality terra cotta pots…

Terra cotta pots, in general, have a tendency to be adversely affected by cold and other weather elements, which makes them more susceptible to damage. They shatter easily when dropped and begin to crumble or decay as quickly as 4 or 5 years. The factors which affect the quality of a terra cotta pot are mainly found in the quality of the clay and the firing temperature used to bake the clay. Using a higher heat produces a superior quality than those which use lower firing temperatures. This is an element which makes Impruneta pots stand out above the others, as they are made from high quality clay that is unique in its composition, and fired at a high heat.

The History of Impruneta Pots

Impruneta pots have their origins in one of the first known Etruscan settlements in the early 1300’s. The masters of terracotta production, otherwise known as the “Mizzinai,” gained fame in the region for their work in producing terra cotta products. Many other artists then followed suit by using the special clay to create sculptures, vases, tubs, statues and pottery. Bricks, roof tops and other architectural elements were also created from the clay. Each generation in this line improved upon the processes by experimenting with temperature variations for firing the clay. They experimented with a variety of ways to increase the ornamental value as well as durability of their goods and have moved the tradition forward through the centuries.

The Perpetuation of Tradition

Impruneta pots are known for their strength, durability and beauty. They are classified as a high end product which makes a lovely addition to any collection. They are created in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs which makes the use of Impruneta pots even more practical because of the array of choices. Project designers know that by virtue of the name, choosing Impruneta means that the product is of value because of its origins from unique earth and it will be more likely to hold up over time. For more information on the acquisition of Impruneta pots, you can contact the Eye of the Day Garden Design Center.


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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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