Types of Dental Emergencies That Require a Dentist Visit in Canton MI

A dental emergency can happen anytime of the day or night. These situations are not prejudice. Even someone with good oral health can experience this situation. Many different things can happen with your teeth or gums that would be considered an emergency. The most important thing you can do for your oral health is to visit a Dentist Canton MI for treatment. Here are some dental emergencies that require you visit a dentist.

Knocked Out Tooth

Accidents happen that result in a knocked out or avulsed tooth. This is in fact a situation that requires you get to a dentist as soon as possible. It most often happens when someone participates in a sporting event. Although this can be a devastating accident, there can be a good outcome. The tooth can be saved in some instances. This is not always the case. Your best chance of saving the tooth will first begin with immediate action. Begin by rinsing the tooth off and trying to stick it back into the socket. Don’t force it, just gently lay it in there. If for some reason or another you cannot do this, put the tooth down in a cup of milk.

This procedure does not guarantee that your tooth can be replanted but it is method recommended that can help make the tooth viable for replanting. A knocked out tooth will die quickly. Make sure you get to the Dentist Canton MI immediately!

Fractured Jaw

A fractured jaw is another common type of dental emergency. This usually results in an inability to use the jaw. The injury also causes pain and swelling. The injured jaw oftentimes will require a surgical procedure to repair the fracture.

Abscessed Tooth

This is when a tooth becomes infected. It causes pain and swelling. You cannot ignore the fact that there is an infection. You must seek immediate emergency care from a Dentist Canton MI. If you do not have this infection treated it can spread to other teeth. It can also result in illness in other areas of your body.

Those are just some of the most common types of dental emergencies that require a visit to the dentist. Never delay seeking treatment for any dental emergency.

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