Uses for floral wire in baking

When decorating baked goods, floral wire can come in very handy. It is frequently used by experienced bakers and creates a wide range of different effects in the finished result. If you are considering using floral wire in your baked treats, it helps to know what the different options are.

Floral wire in cakes

Floral wire is often used in cakes to support sugar flowers. When the sugar flowers have all been made, you can affix them to the cake with simple spokes of floral wire. It is also excellent for use in supporting sugar flowers and petals when you are decorating the cake as part of a special event. It is essential to take time and great care when decorating the cake in order to ensure that the floral wire doesn’t fall out as the cake is being transported. As the support for the flower, the wiring acts as a stamen holding up the beautiful sugar flowers and petals. With these intricate details, your cake is sure to make a statement.

Make every celebration fun

With floral wire decorating cakes, you can affix fondant cut outs to the floral wire and strategically place them anywhere in the cake that you see fit. The fondant will be a decorative element that everyone will talk about as the floral wire seems to hold it up almost invisibly. If you want to decorate a baby shower cake with miniature duck cut outs, car cut outs, or any other cut out using fondant or gumpaste, floral wire is the perfect way to affix the cut outs to your cake.

Buying the right gauges

Floral wire can be purchased at different gauges depending on the thickness that is required. You can find floral wire in green or white as well as at varying lengths depending on your needs. No matter what length you purchase, you can always cut the floral wire down so that it fits your required length. can provide you with just the right floral wiring for your baking needs. Visit for more information or to place your order at You can also connect us on Facebook.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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